11 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Father’s Day

Here are 11 great gift ideas for your dad or a father figure in your life! They are all vegan and eco-friendly options to help you make a socially responsible purchase for Daddy-o. Happy Father’s Day!

Cold Brewer with Stainless Steel Lid

photo source: www.county-line-kitchen.com

Get the Cold Brewer here: https://www.county-line-kitchen.com/products/cold-brewer-with-stainless-steel-lid

Vahdam Chai Tea Assortment

photo source: www.vahdamteas.com

Get the Vahdam Chai Tea Assortment here: https://www.vahdamteas.com/products/chai-tea-assortment-gift-set-12-tin-caddy?variant=32946751569963

Stoneware Mug

photo source: unitedbyblue.com

Get the Stoneware Mug here: https://unitedbyblue.com/products/16-oz-potters-mug?variant=36469138686024

BewBow Bamboo Cutlery

photo source: handykitchenwarestore.com

Get the BewBow Bamboo Travel Cutlery here: https://handykitchenwarestore.com/product/bamboo-utensils-cutlery-set-bewbow-reusable-cutlery-travel-set-eco-friendly-wooden-silverware-for-kids-adults-outdoor-portable-utensils-with-case-bamboo-spoon/

The Sistain Bamboo Straws

photo source: shop.thesistain.com

Get the Sistain Bamboo Straws here: https://shop.thesistain.com/products/bamboo-8-straw-4pck?variant=39328703479921

United by Blue SoftHemp™ Socks

photo source: unitedbyblue.com

Get the Soft Hemp Socks here: https://unitedbyblue.com/products/softhemp-printed-sock?variant=39363900506184

Corkor Messenger Bag

photo source: www.corkor.com

Get the Corkor Messenger Bag here: https://www.corkor.com/collections/cork-messenger-bags/products/cork-messenger-bag

Air Plant

Get the Air Plant here: https://www.air-plants.com/pages/air-plant-club

Triple Surfboard Wall Rack (made of Bamboo)

photo source: www.corsurf.com

Get the Bamboo Triple Surfboard Wall Rack here: https://www.corsurf.com/collections/surfboard-racks/products/the-core-multi-rack

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter

photo source: www.uncommongoods.com

Get the Recycled Wine Bottle Platter here: https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/recycled-wine-bottle-platter-with-spreader?clickid=UdFWEuXWmxyIT1C0SyQ3A0xGUkDx7YTuIyyv1U0&irgwc=1&trafficSource=Impact&sharedid=thespruce.com

Sqwishful Sqwish Set

photo source: Sqwishful.com

Get the Sqwishful Set here: https://sqwishful.com/products/sqwish-set

SALAYA (100% plant-based restaurant in L.A.)

We would like to highlight the Asian/Pacific Islander community, by featuring the Thai restaurant in Los Angeles named Salaya. It definitely deserves recognition!

Salaya is a 100% plant-based Thai restaurant filled with yummy goodness. It is also a 100% women-owned restaurant! Noop and Annie are the co-owners of this warmly lit, clean and friendly dining experience. They have a large menu of appetizers, soups, salads, rice plates, noodle dishes, curries, unique entrees, house specialty meals, desserts, side orders and non-alcoholic drinks.

Front of Menu
Back of Menu
I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked the server, Bell, what she would recommend. I told her I wanted to try a rice and noodle dish that were the most popular and authentic to the Thai heritage. She pointed out five or six dishes and also offered further information on the flavors of each – sweat, spicy, and savory. This was very helpful in helping me narrow down my selections. I ended up deciding to order the Pad Thai – the third item listed on the front of the menu in the far right column – and the Pineapple Fried Rice – the second item listed on the back of the menu in the far left column.

Pad Thai

Pineapple Fried Rice

Each noodle and rice plate includes the option to add tofu, plant-based peppered-“beef,” or plant-based “chicken.” I asked Bell what she preferred with the Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice dishes. Her answer was tofu with the former and plant-based peppered “beef” with the latter. So I went with that. I also got a side of spring rolls – perhaps they are not part of the traditional Thai cuisine, but I can never resist good hot crispy spring rolls!

Spring Rolls

During a very short wait (as the food came out very quickly), I had the opportunity to meet one of the owners. Noop was there that night. She has a kind face and had on a pretty brightly colored blouse with a long flowing white skirt. Noop was clearly attentive to all aspects of the restaurant, including helping to provide great customer service.

If I had to pick a personal favorite between the Pad Thai and the Pineapple Fried Rice, I would say my preference leaned towards the Pineapple Fried Rice. Also, not all restaurants know how to prepare tofu well, so I am happy to say the tofu in the Pad Thai was baked or fried nicely on the outside and had a nice chewy texture. I found myself popping a few more of the golden-tan cubes into my mouth as I packed up my meals to go. While doing this, I was happy to see their to-go containers were NOT plastic, but neat eco-friendly paper boxes.

I definitely want to go back to Salaya – looking at the menu again, I want to try the curries! Especially the Pumpkin Curry, Panang Curry, and Avocado Curry. I also want to try the Spicy Cashew Nut entree. I am super curious to try the House Specialties Orange Chicken, Fish-n-Green Apple Salad, Dumpling In Green Curry, and Crispy Fish Panang Curry. I don’t know what I was thinking not getting a dessert this time. I guess I was too excited to eat the dishes in front of me. So on my next visits I need to try the Coconut Vegan Ice Cream, Vegan Creme Brulee, Mango and Sticky Rice, Banana Roll w/Coconut, and other Vegan Ice Cream flavors! …Did I just list everything on the dessert menu? Yeah…I think I did – Haha! Well, at least we all know where my heart lies!

Salaya also has a booming delivery service. Order via phone (323-741-0074) or online at https://salayala.com/

Salaya (100% plant-based restaurant)

5185 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90027
United States

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. Below are a few organizations to follow and join for the cause:

  • Vegan Outreach

Handing out pamphlets along with positive productive conversations with interested individuals are key to the activism practices of this animal rights group.


  • Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals is known for going undercover to retrieve revealing video footage of the atrocities against beings held in slaughter houses.


  • Farm Sanctuary

Animals that are rescued from slaughter houses and other abusive environments find peaceful living at the Farm Sanctuary.


Happy International Women’s Day!

(photo by: One [vegan] Meal a Day for the planet – omdfortheplanet.com)

Suzy Amis Cameron (vegan) started an eco-friendly K-12 private school with her sister.  Mrs. Cameron is the wife of the director James Cameron (also vegan).  The sisters named their school Muse.  Eventually, after collaborating with doctors and other nutrition professionals, they created a school lunch menu that is 100% vegan.  This makes Muse the first fully plant-based K-12 school in Abya Yala (aka: America).  They now also have a program that enables people from around the world to start a Muse school in their own communities.  Here is a video clip of Suzy talking about her school on OWN with Oprah!:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znxe-rWlcWc

Link to the 100% plant-based Muse private school and their global program!:  https://museglobal.org/

Dexter Scott King (vegan): son of Martin Luther King Jr.

Every month should be African American history month – just as it is European American history month. However, non-European-American communities are still negatively “othered” daily in this country. So to contribute to the positive narrative – this February for African American history month, we would like to highlight the vegan son of a great leader of this land:

Dexter Scott King is the son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968) and Coretta Scott King (1927 – 2006).  His father was assassinated when he was 7 years old.  His mother, three siblings and himself, remained to carry out Dr. King’s legacy.

When Dexter Scott King was around 25 years old in 1987, he became vegan after visiting a vegan health spa.  The spa was created in the Bahamas by the social rights activist/vegan activist Dick Gregory.

Inspired by her son’s example, his mother – Coretta Scott King – became and remained vegan for the rest of her life.  She was vegan for 12 years.

Dexter Scott King, the former president of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, is now 60 years old and still contributes to the legacy of peace and justice that his father lead.

The following is an excerpt from a Vegetarian Times article on their interview with Dexter Scott King in year 1995 (written by Jill Howard Church):

“What I hope to do is use technology and all the latest tools to reach people with positive information and messages that help them understand my father’s legacy and how it applies day to day,” he says.

King wants to address what his father called “The Triple Evils”: poverty, racism and violence.  […]

“There is a connection between how you live life and how you treat others,” he says.  “It starts with the individual.”

Read the full article here:  https://www.vegetariantimes.com/news/dexter-scott-king-vegan/

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday we celebrated the life of the great Martin Luther King Jr.

In continuation of this celebration, we would like to share one of our favorite speeches by him.  This would also be an ideal time to inform you (if you did not already know) that his wife, Coretta Scott King, was vegan and an animal rights activist!

LOOKING BEYOND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.’s “I Have a Dream” SPEECH: These two videos express the variety of political, social, economic and multicultural issues Martin Luther King Jr. was involved in.

FIRST VIDEO – Martin Luther King Jr.: “The Other America”
From what I can tell, we still need to pick up where Martin Luther King Jr. left off. As he states in this speech given in year 1967 – it is now time to struggle “for genuine equality.” He says they accomplished the integration of lunch counters, public buses, and public parks as well as the right to vote. However, he states now it is time to fight for livable wages, sanitary decent housing conditions, quality public education, and fair administration of justice for all people in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOWDtDUKz-U

SECOND VIDEO – Historian Gordon K. Mantler
The historian Gordon K. Mantler wrote about Martin Luther King Jr’s Minority Group Conference held the following year in March 1968. It was the largest multicultural integration of minds ever seen. “Some of the most important leaders of the Chicano Movement were present.” Also present were environmental activist coal miners of Atlanta, and religious representatives (including Quaker, Jewish, and Roman Catholic organization representatives), First Nations of Abya Yala (formerly known as Native-Americans), labor groups, and student groups. They issued a 53 page pamphlet of demands to every U.S. agency, Congress and the White House. The demands included livable wages, citizen and police review boards concerning police brutality, amongst other important concerns. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 3 weeks later.

His next step, his next goal was clear – genuine social equality and financial security for all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi_RS5e2_yU

What do vegans eat for protein?

There are vegetables, as well as combinations of beans/legumes and grains, that have the full protein needed for the human body.  Here are some charts with a collection of foods that are rich in protein:  http://veganavigate.com/vegan-food-for-protein.html

What is the difference between “vegetarian” and “vegan”?

A vegetarian does not eat the flesh or skin of other beings.  However, they may eat the milk and/or eggs of other beings. Vegetarians who drink the milk of other beings are lacto-vegetarians.  Vegetarians who eat the eggs of other beings are ovo-vegetarians. There are some vegetarians who do not eat the skin or flesh of other beings except fish.  These individuals are pesco-vegetarians. There are also vegetarians who engage in a combination of these eating habits.

A vegan does not eat, wear or use any part of other beings.  Therefore, vegans do not eat, wear or use anything made of other beings’ skin, hair, milk or eggs (or any byproducts of other beings).

What do vegans eat?

Vegans eat almost all of the same meals and snacks you would find in anyone’s daily eating habits – just with vegan ingredients.  Vegan ingredients do not contain animal products such as flesh, eggs or milk of other beings.  Vegans enjoy tacos, burgers, lasagna, ice cream, pie, cake, cheese cake, cookies, salads, fruit smoothies, stir fries, stews, nachos, and much more.