Happy National Lasagna Day!

Yeah, we didn’t know National Lasagna Day existed either, but it was a great excuse to eat vegan lasagna at the all vegan restaurant – SunCafe! Don’t let the name fool you, it is a full-service restaurant located in a business area of Studio City, California. However, its enclosed parking lot in front of the leafy vine-covered entrance makes it feel secluded.

It would be a great place for a romantic dinner. It is also a good location for brunch with a friend or a work lunch with a colleague. There is indoor and outdoor seating. If you choose to sit outdoors it has a bit of the feeling of a shared secret garden restaurant that only you and the other patrons there know about.

The atmosphere is calm and the staff is friendly. One of the bussers politely directed my attention to the QR code on the table that can be scanned to view the menu before the waiter arrives. After I ordered there was a small wait, but not too long to be discouraged and the time could definitely be filled with easy conversation. The presentation of the food was delightful.

I chose to get the lasagna of course. The vegan ricotta in the center was exceptional. A happy surprise was the green pesto on one of the layers in the lasagna. Yum!

I asked for dessert and it came out quickly. I already knew what I wanted – I had seen it online before I arrived. Blueberry cheesecake! It was fresh, it was blueberry-ee and had halves of real blueberries inside. Yes please!

I left satisfied and plan to go back to SunCafe for the nachos, mac n’cheese, and more of the cheesecake – I’ll try a different flavor next time like Strawberry, Mango, Raw Almond Butter, or Key Lime!

VEGANavigate Tips

  • The head chef/co-owner (Ron Russell) of SunCafe teaches cooking lessons! Yeah boy-ee. With his help, we can now all make these great dishes and desserts.

Here is the cooking class schedule: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=897

  • The co-owner, Rebecca, of SunCafe designed their new location.
  • You can also get your special event catered by SunCafe!
    Here’s the catering menu: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=875
  • Their website offers additional free and paid parking options outside of their own 12 space lot in front. Here is what it said when I went:


* Parking lot with 12 spaces

* Valet on Hollywood Bowl Nights $5

* Pick Up orders – 2 Reserved Complimentary spots

* Street Parking – 2 hour metered parking

* FREE additional public parking lot across the street

ADDRESS: SunCafe,10820 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

PHONE: (818) 927-4100

CONTACT PAGE: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=116

WEBSITE: https://suncafe.com/