Vegan Candy 2023 (Vegan Halloween Candy)

Happy Halloween!  Are you ready for a great list of vegan candy?!  We even found candy with compostable packaging.  These – and candy with plastic-free packaging – are located at the top of our list.

After you take a look and pick your favorite vegan candies, don’t forget to sign the petition below asking Ferrara Candy Company to package their mini box candy (i.e. nerds, lemon heads, etc.) in a box instead of a plastic bag.  One of their vegan candy competitors is already doing this (see Junior Mint mini boxes packaged in a box instead of a plastic bag here).  It appears Ferrara themselves even has Nerds candy mini boxes in a box (instead of a plastic bag) when purchased online (see boxed Nerds candies here).

We are asking Ferrara Candy Company to go plastic-free and provide this eco-friendly box option in the grocery store as well.

Sign Plastic-free Packaging Petition Here

Vegan Candy with Paper Packaging:

Fun Dip

(photo by Target and USA Candy Factory)

Single pouches of fun dip are in the Halloween box version at Target.


(photo by La Bendicion)

Junior Mints

(photo by Nassau Candy)


(photo by Old Time Candy)

You can get 24-pack of their small (1.77 oz) boxes at Amazon.


(photo by Candy Nation)

Bottle Caps

(photo by

Can get a pack of 10 at Amazon.

Vegan Candy with Compostable Packaging! :

Compostable packaging can be placed in the dirt of a backyard, front yard, garden, etc. and will decompose naturally back into the earth.

Mmmore Raw Treats

(photos by

Mmmore Raw Treats uses compostable packaging!

Loving Earth Chocolate

(photos by Loving Earth)

The items featured in the above photo – and many others at their website – currently (as of October 2023) have compostable packaging and are printed with vegetable ink. Not all items at Loving Earth Chocolates have compostable packaging. However, they make it simple to check, by providing a “packaging” link under each item on their website for info on how it’s packaged.

H!P Chocolate

(photo by The Scottish Sun)

H!p Chocolate uses compostable packaging too!

Vegan candies with less plastic packaging than most:

Charm’s Blow Pops
Cry Baby (in a box)
Dum Dums

Hubba Bubba
Mary Jane
Now & Later
Pixie Sticks
Super Bubble Bubble Gum

Other vegan candies:

Brach’s Cinnamon Imperials
Brach’s Lemon Drops 
Brach’s Star Brites Peppermint Candy
Fire Ball
Go-Max-Go Candy Bars
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape
Laffy Taffy (mini version – NOT the regular size. The regular size has egg albumen) 
Jolly Rancher
No Whey
Red Vines
Ring Pops
Sour Patch Kids
Surf Sweets Organic Cinnamon Bears
Swedish Fish
Sweet Tarts
YumEarth (Lolli Pops)
Zackary Cinnamon Bears

As you can see, there are a lot of vegan candy options to choose from. It’s super exciting that some are plastic-free and some even use compostable packaging! Let us know in the comments section which vegan candy you decided to get and which ones are your favorites!

Vegan Latinx Food!

We have had a blast celebrating Latinx Heritage Month!  Admittedly, it consisted a lot of eating great Latinx food.  Maybe next year we’ll learn Latinx dances to burn these extra calories off – but that’s next year!  Right now we want to share some videos on how you can make great Latinx meals right at home.  We found instructions on dishes from Mexico, Columbia, Peru and more!  Enjoy!


Vegan Chilaquiles Rojos

Vegan Tamales

Vegan Conchas (Pan Dulce)


Vegan Ajiaco

Vegan Buñuelos


Vegan Savory Empenada

Vegan Arepas


Vegan Papa A La Huancaina

Vegan Lomo Saltado

Vegan Aji de Gallina [in Spanish / en Espanol]


Vegan Moqueca

Vegan Brigadeiro


Porotos Granados

Mote con Huesillos [in Spanish / en Espanol]


Medialunas Veganas [in Spanish / en Espanol]

Vegan Alfajores cookies and Vegan Dulce de Leche

[gluten-free and nut-free]