Happy International Women’s Day!

(photo by: One [vegan] Meal a Day for the planet – omdfortheplanet.com)

Suzy Amis Cameron (vegan) started an eco-friendly K-12 private school with her sister.  Mrs. Cameron is the wife of the director James Cameron (also vegan).  The sisters named their school Muse.  Eventually, after collaborating with doctors and other nutrition professionals, they created a school lunch menu that is 100% vegan.  This makes Muse the first fully plant-based K-12 school in Abya Yala (aka: America).  They now also have a program that enables people from around the world to start a Muse school in their own communities.  Here is a video clip of Suzy talking about her school on OWN with Oprah!:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znxe-rWlcWc

Link to the 100% plant-based Muse private school and their global program!:  https://museglobal.org/