Did you have fun at your local Pride celebrations or are you feeling bummed because you missed out? Well, purchasing from brands owned by someone in the LGBTQ+ community is another great way to show your support, allyship and pride all throughout the year! Lets shop!

Beet x Beet

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This company is woman owned and they do all manufacturing locally in Los Angeles. The yarn and ink used are 100% vegan. Also, the packaging is all made of recycled materials and is recyclable. I like the…”beet”…of this :D.

Get stuff at Beet x Beet here:

Brave Gentleman

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Need some gender neutral gear? Brave Gentleman is your store – especially for kicks – the footwear ranges from sporty to professional. If you’re trying to find something to replace your worn out leather shoes, there is a large assortment of options made of polyurethane (PU). Although PU is not the most eco-friendly material, their chart below shows it is vastly better for the environment than tanning dead animal skins. So, for you, if it’s between leather and polyurethane – go Brave Gentleman.

Get stuff at Brave Gentleman here:

Get stuff at Brave Gentleman here:

Arium Botanicals

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Arium has a wonderful collection of traditional and exotic plants. They are of the variety that can be grown in pots from home. Arium has even partnered with local artists to sell their hand-made ceramic pots – pretty cool huh? So, lets help out – get to growing!

Get stuff at Arium here:


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Otherwild is an LGBTQ+ woman owned company with vegan and eco-friendly products to fill your home with. Our favorites include stainless steel containers as well as colorful coffee mugs, t-shirts and pins with fun graphics, and great phrases.

Get stuff at Otherwild here:

Suay Sew Shop

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They use repurposed materials and eco-friendly dies. You can get clothing, blankets, pillows, towels and more. Everything is made right in L.A. They also offer a few really awesome services. If you have items like shirts or pants that you would like to keep, but they have a tear or hole, Suay Sew Shop does repairs! Check out their website to see all the other cool products and services.

Get stuff at Suay Sew:


Freedom! Finally! Then decades of further struggles that continue to this day – giant hurdles African-American people keep having to overcome. Even so, for today, we all celebrate the news of freedom.

Here are a few African-American owned restaurants you can get some grub from every week and on Juneteenth. Lets Eat!

Baba’s Vegan Cafe

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If you call, you may get to talk to Baba directly. The food description on their website is: African Diasporic Cuisine. On June 19, 2022 Baba’s Vegan Cafe is a featured eatery at the Juneteenth Festival (hosted by the L.A. Black History Month Festival). You can grab a bite at the festival between 10am and 6pm. Here is the address for the event: 7000 West Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

After Juneteenth, Baba’s Vegan Cafe offers deliveries via DoorDash & UberEats.

Location: 6619 S. Western Ave, South Los Angeles, CA
Call: 323 – VEGAN – 93 (323-834-2693)
Order online:
Hours: Tuesday – Friday; 2pm – 7pm

Baba’s Vegan Cafe also does catering!

Stuff I Eat

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Stuff I Eat is located on a quiet city street – making for an even more comfortable dining experience. The owner, Chef Babette, is well-known throughout many communities. This is of course due to her plant-based cuisine, but she has also been on television multiple times! You may have seen her on Inside Edition, The Chew, and the t.v. series Insecure, among many other television appearances. Dine-in, take-out or get a delivery! P.S. The Enchilada Pie is so so so good!

Stuff I Eat
114 N. Market St.
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: 323-671-0115
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday (12:00pm – 6:00pm)

Jackfruit Cafe

The owner of Jackfruit Cafe is Angela Means Kaaya. She did an excellent performance in the popular 1990’s film Friday as the character Felisha. Jackfruit Cafe’s deep fried breaded vegan fish and deep fried breaded vegan shrimp with a side of black beans and rice are the best! The shrimp come with really good vegan aioli sauce and peppers. Yum yum yum!

Support her culinary ventures by ordering delivery online at:

You can also pick up your food, hot and fresh, at: 358 W. 38th St., Los Angeles, CA 90037

Happy Juneteenth!

11 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Father’s Day

Here are 11 great gift ideas for your dad or a father figure in your life! They are all vegan and eco-friendly options to help you make a socially responsible purchase for Daddy-o. Happy Father’s Day!

Cold Brewer with Stainless Steel Lid

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Get the Cold Brewer here:

Vahdam Chai Tea Assortment

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Get the Vahdam Chai Tea Assortment here:

Stoneware Mug

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Get the Stoneware Mug here:

BewBow Bamboo Cutlery

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Get the BewBow Bamboo Travel Cutlery here:

The Sistain Bamboo Straws

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Get the Sistain Bamboo Straws here:

United by Blue SoftHemp™ Socks

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Get the Soft Hemp Socks here:

Corkor Messenger Bag

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Get the Corkor Messenger Bag here:

Air Plant

Get the Air Plant here:

Triple Surfboard Wall Rack (made of Bamboo)

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Get the Bamboo Triple Surfboard Wall Rack here:

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter

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Get the Recycled Wine Bottle Platter here:

Sqwishful Sqwish Set

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