“Beef” Between Vegans and Indigenous People?

(Happy International Womens Month / International Womens Day! Read to end for highlighted lady-owned business.)

There have been quite a few articles and commentary on the tension that has emerged between some vegans and indigenous people.  There are those who identify as vegan, who have been attempting to shame indigenous communities for their use of animals.  It would be important to first state that most vegans are not likely to agree with this approach.  Even so, it has become a trending topic of dispute.

So let us weigh in on the conversation.  Although we are obviously advocating a vegan lifestyle with this website, the first thought that came to mind was – “Why is anyone attempting to further dictate the actions of indigenous people in Abya Yala (aka: America) on their own land?”

We believe the focus of non-indigenous people who are vegan should remain firmly on the largest perpetrators of deaths of other beings.  This would mean actively working on reducing the suffering of beings in slaughter houses, promoting vegan meals to the main stream, and advertising more eco-friendly and morally sound material use – like cactus leather instead of the skin of beings.

Marginalized communities should not be the target of vegan activism before large corporations are fully addressed and mainstream habits completely changed.  This misplaced attention reminds me of some environmental activists who briefly attempted to shame impoverished people in African countries for burning tires for warmth instead of fully focusing on the far greater pollution of western countries.

Yes, at some point…far in the future…non-indigenous vegans may choose to respectfully offer vegan meal ideas and vegan material ideas to indigenous communities.  However, it will probably be more effective when these ideas are introduced by the vegan indigenous people that already exist.  Yes, there are indigenous vegans.  There are also many indigenous communities that eat a primarily vegan diet already.

Due to this conversation, for International Womens Month, we would like to highlight the indigenous founder, Tina Archuleta, of the vegan restaurant – Itality – in New Mexico.  She is using native vegetables, fruits and grains to make wonderful vegan indigenous food.  She hopes to improve the health of the community and re-connect with de-colonized traditional meals.



2500 12th Street NW

Unit E, Suite 2

Albuquerque, NM 87104


Wednesday-Sunday 10am – 5pm

Website: italitynm.com

E-Mail: contact@italitynm.com

Here is an interview with Tina Archuleta by New Mexico in Focus:

African-American Inventors

There are currently states in Abya Yala (original name of USA/the Americas) attempting to remove history of people from Alkebulan (original name of Africa)  from the school curriculum.  Well, here are just a few of the many contributions – important and fun – from African-American scientists, engineers, and more!

Materials used in some of the products below may not be vegan.

Alfred L. Cralle

  • In 1897, Alfred L. Cralle patented the ice cream scoop.

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Percy Julian

  • In 1923 Percy Julian completed his schooling at Harvard University with a master’s in chemistry.  Many scientists were attempting to find a more efficient way to produce cortisone – as it had been found to be effective in soothing inflamed joints.  At the time, they were killing 15,000 oxen to produce the bile used for the treatment of just one patient.  It was Julian who discovered a way to synthesize cortisone from soybeans instead. 

Frederick McKinley Jones

  • 1930s Frederick McKinley Jones created refridgeration equipment and has more than 40 patents.  He named one the Thermo King.  He invented refridgeration units for homes, trucks, trains, and planes.  “His work also contributed to the preservation of blood and medicine, proving to be particularly useful during WWII. In 1991, he became the first African American to receive the National Medal of Technology.”

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Gladys West

  • Gladys West was born in 1930.  She is the mathematician and programmer who’s mathematically accurate model of Earth was used as “the foundation for the creation of the Global Positioning System (GPS).”

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Mary Kenner

  • 1956 Mary Kenner patented the toilet paper holder, sanitary belt, sanitary pad, and walker.  She has the most patents of any African-American lady inventor.

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Marie Van Brittan Brown

  •  1966, Marie Van Brittan Brown filed a patent for the first home security system.  Thank goodness for that!  Need some extra protection for your home?
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    Valerie Thomas

    • In 1980, Valerie Thomas invented 3D technology.  She patented it under the name – illusion transmitter – while working for NASA.  Here invention is still used by NASA today.   It is also used to make 3D TVs and 3D movies.  We may not be able to use her invention the way NASA does, but luckily we can set up a 3D entertainment system at home to enjoy some movies offered in 3D! 

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    Mark Dean

    •  In the early 1980’s, while working at IBM, Mark Dean and a colleague created the technology that allows computers to interact with printers.  Need a computer and a printer?  Get them here:

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    Dr. Patricia Bath

  • In 1973 Dr. Patricia Bath (deceased 2019) created a new and improved surgery technique to remove cataracts – increasing the number of those with improved healthy sight.
  • Materials used in some of the products above may not be vegan.


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    Happy First Nations of Abya Yala Heritage Month! (aka: Native American Heritage Month)

    For First Nations of *Abya Yala Heritage Month (aka: Native American Heritage Month) and to celebrate First Nations Heritage Day on November 25th, we visited Native American World at Venice Beach!

    *Abya Yala is the original name of the land called “America” by European invaders.

    Native American World is a cozy charming shop with a mystical quality to it.  Enchanting flute music sweeps you into its open doors.  Once inside you are surrounded by interesting handmade items from First Nations in North Abya Yala (North America), Central Abya Yala (Central America), and South Abya Yala (South America).

    SOURCE: https://nativeamericanworld.net/

    We are happy to say the owner is from a First Nation.  The staff are helpful and attentive.  You are guaranteed to struggle not to purchase something from this unique store.

    Enjoy your time there!


    Native American World – Indigenous

    1207 Ocean Front Walk

    Venice, California, USA 90291


    (310) 452-0684





    As we travel the coast of what is currently known as Southern California – Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County – It is important to recognize and acknowledge we are on the land of the First Nations of Abya Yala (called “America” by European invaders to their land).  These First Nations are the Chumash Nation, the Tongva Nation (aka: Gabrieliño Nation), the Acjachemen Nation, and the Payómkawichum Nation (aka: Luiseño Nation).  We at VEGANavigate make this video in honor of them.  We believe it is important that our first video on their land and those that follow, never forget who’s land we are living on.

    Vegan Candy!

    Happy Halloween! Here’s a list of some great vegan candy…

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    Cesar Chavez: Human AND Animal Rights Activist!

    Cesar Chavez was a human rights activist with a primary focus on farm workers’ rights. However, he also was an animal rights activist and received the In Defense of Animals (IDA) Lifetime Achievement Award. Many do not know Cesar Chavez was a vegetarian and at times a vegan!

    Here is a quote from Cesar Chavez’s acceptance speech for the In Defense of Animals (IDA) Lifetime Achievement Award:

    “We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to make all people understand that animals

    are fellow creatures. That we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves and that

    the basis for peace is respecting all creatures. That’s the basis for peace. We cannot hope to

    have peace until we respect everyone, respect ourselves, and respect animals and all living

    things – and that’s the basis we see the beginning of peace. We know we cannot defend and

    be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them – exploiting them in the name of science,

    exploiting animals in the name of sport, exploiting animals in the name of fashion, and yes,

    exploiting animals in the name of food.”

    Here is a video of Cesar Chavez’s acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award from In Defense of Animals (IDA) [starts at 43 seconds]:

    The Gray Zebra (100% Plant-Based; 100% Woman-Owned)

    Quote from the About page of The Gray Zebra website: “…come join our herd and let’s get grazy!”

    Outside of the Gray Zebra we noticed its cool exterior and funky design. It is also quite literally on the (northwest) corner of Sunset Boulevard and Normandie Avenue.

    As we entered we were greeted warmly by the chef – Chef Ali! She was very inviting and asked us to make ourselves at home. I made a guess that her accent is from Australia. When she arrived to take our orders (very quickly after we sat) I asked and she’s actually from South Africa! Too cool!

    There is limited seating, so I would suggest calling in advance – we did and it worked out perfectly. They were able to tell us a family was just leaving so they would have tables ready when we got there. (Inside there are three tables, plus a long high table with stools and a couple tables outside.)

    There is a lot of yummy stuff on the menu:

    I wanted nachos, but I’m usually not a fan of chorizo – they were topped with vegan chorizo. The chef offered to prepare them without the chorizo, but said she thought I may like the way they do it. I took the gamble and she was right! Oh my goodness the chorizo was perfectly seasoned – not too firm and not too soft. I was a happy “grayzer”!

    Our table shared the Crispy “Chicken” sandwich (actually listed on the menu under “Burgers”) and I think it may be the best vegan crispy chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. I knew immediately that next time I want one all for myself *grin* – and I think I would ask for a little extra vegan cheese on it.

    One of us got a mix-berry smoothie without the banana and the “Grazy Cobb” salad and oh my stripes! I gladly accepted the offer to try some and once again, things I normally avoid (in this case tempeh and ranch dressing) were “grazy” good! The dressing was lightly tossed throughout the salad, perfectly covering each leaf and wasn’t a heavy ranch flavor. I started with a little nibble off a piece of tempeh and it was so tender and yummy I popped the whole thing in my mouth, followed by a couple more I had commandeered out of my neighbor’s container and had to keep myself from trying to sneak a few more. It was another one I plan to order in the future!

    My cousin (who is not vegan) got a BBQ Beyond Burger with a Green Smoothie and said they were both really good!

    Chef Ali was so welcoming we could have just sat and talked with her. I’m so happy we tried The Gray Zebra because now we have a new vegan restaurant to add to our favorites!

    VEGANavigate TIPS:

    • If you’re dining-in, bring change for 2-hour metered parking
    • You can order food in advance for pick-up
    • The Gray Zebra also offers Catering!


    The Gray Zebra, 5101 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027

    PHONE: (424) 401-5101

    WEBSITE: https://thegrayzebra.com/

    INSTAGRAM: @thegrayzebra

    Happy National Lasagna Day!

    Yeah, we didn’t know National Lasagna Day existed either, but it was a great excuse to eat vegan lasagna at the all vegan restaurant – SunCafe! Don’t let the name fool you, it is a full-service restaurant located in a business area of Studio City, California. However, its enclosed parking lot in front of the leafy vine-covered entrance makes it feel secluded.

    It would be a great place for a romantic dinner. It is also a good location for brunch with a friend or a work lunch with a colleague. There is indoor and outdoor seating. If you choose to sit outdoors it has a bit of the feeling of a shared secret garden restaurant that only you and the other patrons there know about.

    The atmosphere is calm and the staff is friendly. One of the bussers politely directed my attention to the QR code on the table that can be scanned to view the menu before the waiter arrives. After I ordered there was a small wait, but not too long to be discouraged and the time could definitely be filled with easy conversation. The presentation of the food was delightful.

    I chose to get the lasagna of course. The vegan ricotta in the center was exceptional. A happy surprise was the green pesto on one of the layers in the lasagna. Yum!

    I asked for dessert and it came out quickly. I already knew what I wanted – I had seen it online before I arrived. Blueberry cheesecake! It was fresh, it was blueberry-ee and had halves of real blueberries inside. Yes please!

    I left satisfied and plan to go back to SunCafe for the nachos, mac n’cheese, and more of the cheesecake – I’ll try a different flavor next time like Strawberry, Mango, Raw Almond Butter, or Key Lime!

    VEGANavigate Tips

    • The head chef/co-owner (Ron Russell) of SunCafe teaches cooking lessons! Yeah boy-ee. With his help, we can now all make these great dishes and desserts.

    Here is the cooking class schedule: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=897

    • The co-owner, Rebecca, of SunCafe designed their new location.
    • You can also get your special event catered by SunCafe!
      Here’s the catering menu: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=875
    • Their website offers additional free and paid parking options outside of their own 12 space lot in front. Here is what it said when I went:


    * Parking lot with 12 spaces

    * Valet on Hollywood Bowl Nights $5

    * Pick Up orders – 2 Reserved Complimentary spots

    * Street Parking – 2 hour metered parking

    * FREE additional public parking lot across the street

    ADDRESS: SunCafe,10820 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

    PHONE: (818) 927-4100

    CONTACT PAGE: https://suncafe.com/?page_id=116

    WEBSITE: https://suncafe.com/


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