BeeWali’s – Mediterranean & Indian Restaurant

I had the chance to visit the diner style vegan restaurant BeeWali’s this weekend!  

One side is facing the main road – Eagle Rock Blvd. – and the other side is tucked on a corner just off of the quiet residential street Addison Way.

This family owned restaurant started with a father who loves to cook, worked as an electrician, and decided to become vegan.  His wife, Bee, teasingly called him “Wali” when they were dating because it’s the beginning of his unique last name.  Bee was working full time as a hotel manager and she eventually chose to become vegan as well.  They were surprised at the variety of good food they were enjoying.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they decided to go even further with their new way of eating and start a vegan restaurant: BeeWali’s!  A fun mixture of their first and last names.  They recruited their teenage son as a server and hired an additional staff member who also has become like family.

While at BeeWali’s I got the Meddi Bowl Falafel (that is the half sized Falafel plate – they have a full sized falafel plate also).  They give good portions.  The Meddi Bowl Falafel comes with hummus, pita bread, rice topped with veggies, three large falafel balls, and a side of the house sauce.  I also want to try their plant-based chicken Kabob Wrap and fries – next time I guess!  They have Mediterranean and Indian options!

If you go and can only get one thing, get their pita bread and hummus – yum, yum!

After you eat at BeeWali’s, let us know in the comments what you got!


4862 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041

PHONE: (323) 289-2660


– Free 2-hour parking on their cross street Addison Way

– There is also untimed free parking a little further up the street on Addison Way in the residential area


“Stuff I Eat” is a Lady-Owned Restaurant! (Women’s History Month)

We visited “Stuff I Eat” – one of our favorite lady-owned vegan restaurants – and found great new items on the menu! The restaurant is co-owned by Chef Babett.

Chef Babett – Source:

The portions were always good, but this time they were great! So – Much – Food!

Vegan Enchilada Pie

I know Stuff I Eat normally advertises its Soul Food Plate, but I’m there for the vegan Enchilada Pie – best thing ever! However, we saw the special was Vegan Lasagna … and Vegan Nachos are on the menu now too. Sooooo *drum roll please* we got them all. Yeah, 3 meals for two people was WAY too much food – especially considering the super large portions – we had to take a bunch of it home.

Vegan Lasagna

I’ve always thought the Enchilada Pie was super good, so I was surprised how much I equally liked the Nachos and Lasagna too! *Nom Nom*

To top it off I got the Vegan Cranberry Cheesecake. I didn’t think I could be any more satisfied and I was wrong! This vegan cheesecake is the perfect mix of sweet and tart deliciousness!

Another completely satisfying visit at Stuff I Eat – let us know your favorite meals there below and/or at our YouTube page:


Stuff I Eat, 114 N. Market St., Inglewood, CA 90301-1710


(310) 671-0115