Vegan Middle Eastern Cookbook!

We are excited to present a cook book with savory Middle Eastern recipes that are vegan! Veganistan: A Vegan Tour of the Middle East & Beyond is by Sally Butcher. It is interesting that the author of a vegan cook book would have the last name “Butcher.” One could only imagine what childhood anecdotes she may have about her name growing up. Her photo with wild red hair and punk-rock fashion juxtapose a calm and reflective demeanor, gives a bit of insight into the character that developed Veganistan. An outward explorative nature, may explain the subtitle “the Middle East & Beyond.” While the choice to share vegan meals often is a result of an analytical thought process – of which her photograph hints at.

The tantalizing photographs of the vegan food Sally Butcher shares in her cook book, Veganistan, range from scrumptious rice dishes, delicious cabbage stew, yummy staples like falafel and mouth watering desserts such as Sweet potato cake. When you make a dish, let us know how you like it – send a photo! We would love to hear what you think!