Holiday Shopping at Indigenous Abya Yalan Stores! (aka: Native American Businesses)

As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month and continue with the holiday season getting gifts for friends and family – lets shop at stores owned by the people from the First Nations of this land!

Heart Berry

New Day Socks

These cute socks are a must-have! Woven by artists of the Ojibwe nation. We also love the “thank you” noted at the bottom of their product page – reminding us of the importance of purchasing from indigenous communities – not products by large corporate companies designed to look as though they are designed by people from First Nations.

(Note: This item is advertised with a non-plant-based blanket on their website.)

B. Yellowtale

Bethany Yellowtail  is a citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Nation, and proudly hails from the Mighty Few District of the Apsáalooke (Crow) Nation”

Sacred Circle

Double Wall Glass Mug

The paintings on these machine washable mugs were done by Darrel Amos of the Haida Nation.

Native American Tea Company 

100 Tea Bags – Choose your tea


Blue Cornmeal (limited supply)

This food staple is provided by the Dine Nation.

Eighth Generation

Rose Hip Warrior Blanket

Of the Muckleshoot Nation and the Chehalis Nation, the artist SiSeeNaxAlt is a weaver and Lead Culture Teacher.

Calling Mountains Throw Blanket

Of the Salish Nation and Kootenai Nation, Josh Swift designed this blanket due to his love of connecting with nature.

Sage and Oats

Cards for Decolonization 

Sweetgrass Trading Co.

Hopi Blue Corn Facial Mask

This product is made by the Ute Mountain Nation.

Beyond Buckskin

Jewelry and Ties

Not to be confused with the vegan “Beyond” brand.  Beyond Buckskin does accept non-vegan products from indigenous designers.  However, there are still plenty of beautiful vegan products made by First Nations artists on their site.


Maple Wood Earrings

The founders of this business are Loren from the Acoma Pueblo Nation and Valentina from the Dine Nation.

Cheekbone Beauty

Refillable Bronzer / Blush / Hilight / Contour

The founder of this company is Jenn Harper from the Anishinaabe Nation. “Keeping in line with her Anishinaabe roots” she is proud her products are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty free!

Trickster Company

This sibling team – Crystal and Rico – are from the Athabascan Nation and the Tlingit Nation.

Book Stores

As the daughter of a librarian, this is my favorite section:

Books & Burrow

Eleanor’s Bookshop

Birchbark Books

Word Carrier (Bird Cage)

Happy First Nations of Abya Yala Heritage Month! (aka: Native American Heritage Month)

For First Nations of *Abya Yala Heritage Month (aka: Native American Heritage Month) and to celebrate First Nations Heritage Day on November 25th, we visited Native American World at Venice Beach!

*Abya Yala is the original name of the land called “America” by European invaders.

Native American World is a cozy charming shop with a mystical quality to it.  Enchanting flute music sweeps you into its open doors.  Once inside you are surrounded by interesting handmade items from First Nations in North Abya Yala (North America), Central Abya Yala (Central America), and South Abya Yala (South America).


We are happy to say the owner is from a First Nation.  The staff are helpful and attentive.  You are guaranteed to struggle not to purchase something from this unique store.

Enjoy your time there!


Native American World – Indigenous

1207 Ocean Front Walk

Venice, California, USA 90291


(310) 452-0684



As we travel the coast of what is currently known as Southern California – Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County – It is important to recognize and acknowledge we are on the land of the First Nations of Abya Yala (called “America” by European invaders to their land).  These First Nations are the Chumash Nation, the Tongva Nation (aka: Gabrieliño Nation), the Acjachemen Nation, and the Payómkawichum Nation (aka: Luiseño Nation).  We at VEGANavigate make this video in honor of them.  We believe it is important that our first video on their land and those that follow, never forget who’s land we are living on.