Vegan Gifts for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is right around the corner!  Here are some vegan gift ideas for your Dad’s special day. Many of them are also eco-friendly!

Compostable Phone Case

The Pela brand has created a variety of phone case designs. They have collections for both iPhone and Android phones. The pliable material provides the ultimate protection for your cell. Better yet, when the phone case reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be composted!

Eco-Friendly Cell Phone

Fairphone has made the most eco-friendly phone on the market.  The company originated in Europe and their cell phones are finally available in the United States.  They even offer materials and online video tutorials to fix your phone yourself.  Their goal is to provide a sturdy cell phone that lasts.  This reduces waste in landfills and the use of natural resources.

Vegan Wallet and Vegan Belt Gift Set

Get your dad a classy and practical gift set. This vegan wallet and vegan belt are sure to match the majority of his attire. Watson and Wolfe can always be trusted to add style to any wardrobe.

Vegan Chapstick (Vegan Lip Balm)

Most chapstick is packaged in a plastic tube and plastic cap that would end up in a landfill mountain of trash. No more polluting the earth or the ocean. Eco Roots has the solution to protect other beings from getting hurt from our unnecessary garbage. The compostable container for this lip balm is the answer we need.

Vegan Soap

Let your dad start his day with a refreshing organic bar of vegan soap! Help him keep his rugged good looks with a charcoal Facial Vegan Soap Bar. Both are sure to be great additions to his gift bag!

Vegan Deodorant in Compostable Packaging

Daddy-O will be smelling fresh with this vegan deodorant by Meow Meow Tweet. Better yet, the thick paper packaging they use can go right back into Mother Nature – unlike the pollution plastic of other deodorant brands.

Vegan Body Butter (Fragrance-free vegan lotion)

Live Like You Green it is taking the eco-friendly mission seriously. They provide a variety of vegan self-care products. This vegan lotion is a must-have to help your dad keep his skin healthy.

Good Guys Socks

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather has added the slogan , “Good Guys Go Vegan,” to their brand. If you have a vegan dad, he’ll love these socks and the variety of colors. These statement socks are great for the gym, lounging at home, or playing sports.

Compostable Tennis Shoes

BlueView is doing its part to save the planet by offering eco-friendly tennis shoes. The materials used are not just natural. Once they are warn out, these shoes can be buried in the back yard, the vegetable garden or your own compost pile!

Vegan Dress Shoes & Vegan Tennis Shoes (Masculine vibe)

Go from the office to a fun holiday with shoes from Gentleberg. Whether your father has to dress up or can be casual, with this brand he won’t skip a beat. Browse their site for the perfect kicks for your dad!

We hope this list has made Father’s Day shopping a breeze! Let us know your favorites in the comments. Have other vegan gift ideas? Send those to us to share in the future!